Music has no limits

Music has no limits.Being a musician I always find myself listening to music. Usually I listen to music that I have discovered during the week.Many people today listen to the radio hoping the DJ will play new songs. However some people only listen to a certain genre of music. People find it hard to branch out in the world of music.This is where No Limit Music comes in to save the day.Here is why I started the company.

Like I stated before music has no limits. However many people only listen to a few genres. Today with help from the internet we can listen to a variety of music.I have a ton of different musical artist and songs that I listen to. Usually when people are with me they ask who is that or what is the song. This is one of the main reasons for starting No Limit Music. It is a way for people to find new music. I wanted to create a simple way to discover new artist and songs. Its as easy as take the music taste survey. We then do the rest of the work for you. In just a few days you get a playlist of new music for you to discover.

After you receive your playlist from us go to a music streaming service. Create a playlist and start listening to your hand selected music. We take pride in making sure you get the best experience from us.Don’t like the music we selected for you? Take the music taste survey again.Finally enjoy the new music.

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